November 27, 2010

Ellana Minerals Hush Multipurpose Powder, Revive Concealer & Innocence Color Corrector

I hate to admit it, but I jumped on the mineral make up bandwagon.  How could I not, given the fact that I am a self-appointed cosmetic guinea pig?  When I decided to try out mineral make up two years ago, I scoped out different brands.  I wanted to try Bare Minerals but the brand was not available locally at that time.  I did find a handful of local brands but it was only Ellana Minerals that appealed to me because of their wide range of products.

Ever since I sampled some of their stuff, I was hooked.  Their make up goes on real smooth, is easy to blend and a little goes a long way - no kidding!  I love the fact that my sensitive skin did not react to any of their products and did not breakout either.  Another plus: their products are more affordable compared to most cosmetics out there, without compromising quality.  No brainer, right?
Here are a few of my must-haves (I'll be blogging about the rest in the future):

Hush is a matte nude multipurpose powder which I use as an eyeshadow and love because it goes with everything.  Most of the time, I use it without any other eyeshadow color - it looks fantastic coupled with Ethereal, their black multipurpose powder I use as eyeliner.

Revive is a wonderful undereye concealer.  It's salmon colored (it doesn't look it in this picture but it's a lot more orangey in person) and works well in lightening my super dark undereye circles.  In fact, it's done a better job compared to the other cream and liquid concealers I've tried.

Because I suffer from rosacea and have broken capillaries, I can't do without this green color corrector called Innocence.  It won't totally hide everything but putting this under my foundation makes it less obvious and that makes a world of difference.

Anyway, my Ellana Minerals Christmas catalogue arrived in the mail the other day and I haven't had time to carefully go through it just yet.  I'm pretty sure once I do, some of their stuff will end up on my Holiday Wishlist.

photo courtesy of Ellana Minerals


  1. I bought Honeybunch from Ellana because at the time they didn't have Hush, it goes with everything too :) And I agree, Innocence makes a huge difference!

  2. Hi Kari! Thanks for leaving a comment. My Hush eyeshadow is about to run out so I'll give Honeybunch a try. Great suggestion :)

  3. like you, i am also an avid ellana fan! i'd try out the innocence next time!


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