November 11, 2010

My Travel Beauty Kit

Very soon, I will be going on vacation for a few days and I'm super excited about it!  Work has been crazy the last few weeks (increased workload and longer hours) that I have been so stressed.  This is something I really need.

My friend, Sam, has been traveling a lot the last couple of years and recently wrote an article for BLUSH magazine which was just what I needed.  I've been planning in my head all the things I need to bring.  I wouldn't want to forget anything, but I don't want to go overboard either.  Thanks to her article, I was reminded of what was important, which made packing my beauty essentials a cinch.

YAY for travel-sized products!  Happy about not missing a single step in my skin care routine.  Cetaphil is a great skin cleanser - it works as a make up remover for light make up and it cleans the skin without drying.  Next, I use a toner to get rid of stubborn dirt and to moisturize my skin.  Since I have dehydrated skin in some parts of my face, I need a serum to help absorb and keep the moisture in for a longer period.  This is followed by applying moisturizer, lip conditioner, eye cream and finally, sunscreen. 

For make up, I'll be bringing my brow kit, concealer, cheek stain and colored lip balm.  I typically would not bring anything for my eyes however, this was the perfect opportunity to see if MAC Prep & Prime Eyes works in colder weather - so I'm bringing that and a small pot of mineral eyeshadow.

What are your travel must-haves?

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  1. lets start with a little off topic sharing: when I travel kasi, my main concern is my first aid kit (i get sudden migraine, allergy and acidity attacks kasi :p so I bring ponstan, claritin and kremil-s, plus immodium too :p

    anyway, my basics are from my derma:
    face soap, makeup remover, creams.
    then sunblock, face powder, concealer, lipstick.

    that's pretty much it :p

    but thanks for the sharing and the tips! :)


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