January 15, 2011

Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit (Part 1): Foundation Primer, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 & Tools

A month ago, I blogged about my Laura Mercier haul which included the Flawless Face Kit.  I decided to break this review into two parts and this entry will review the following:  Foundation Primer, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, Velour Puff and Egg-Shaped Sponge.

Foundation Primer
Laura Mercier's foundation primer comes in a gel-cream form which makes it extremely light and moisturizing.  I like how my skin was able to absorb this formula because with other primers I've tried, it felt like I was wearing a mask.  Not in this case.  This product made my skin so smooth and even, that it allowed me to apply and blend my foundation effortlessly.  An absolute joy!

I expected my make up to last the whole day because I applied the primer.  Half-way through the day, I noticed that my foundation and concealer already faded.  I wasn't too happy about that since I don't carry around stuff with me to touch-up (except for lipstick).

In terms of oil-control, this product was just average.  My skin did not get any oilier nor did it cause any breakouts.  I usually need to blot within two hours of applying make up and probably two more times within the day.  With this product I just had to blot once, three hours upon application.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Before you buy this product, check the expiration date at the end of the tube.  I bought my kit in November without checking.  When I finally opened it the following month, I discovered that the tinted moisturizer was going to expire in March.  I had no choice but to use it immediately!

This feels a little bit heavier than the primer, but still light compared to other foundations I've tried.  It works well as a moisturizer and I love the fact that it provides sun protection.

The coverage is light enough to give off a natural look and at the same time effective in making my skin color even out.  I love how my skin glowed with this product - it made it look so healthy!  As a tinted moisturizer, I think this does a great job.

If you have oily skin, I suggest that you check out the oil-free version of this product because the regular tinted moisturizer does nothing when it comes to oil control.  I still had to blot a few times throughout the day.

No breakouts either, which is a huge relief for me since Laura Mercier products are not labeled as non-comedogenic.  I did read some reviews online that report otherwise so you'll have to try it out for yourself.

Egg-Shaped Sponge

In general, I don't like applying my foundation with a sponge because of the amount of product that gets wasted.  It took some time to convince myself to go ahead and give this a try.

Surprise, surprise!  This sponge was pretty compact that it did not absorb too much product.  I've been using the narrow end of the sponge because it makes it easier for me to blend around the more difficult areas, such as the sides of my nose.

I hope I'm able to find a dupe that's just as good.

Velour Puff

Take a good look at the size of the puff compared to the dispenser of the finishing powder.  It's like a cruel joke.  Should I laugh or cry?  

The puff itself is of good quality but how am I supposed to evenly distribute the powder to the puff without making a mess?

For this kit, they should have just provided a mini-brush.

This kit is great if you're trying out Laura Mercier products for the first time.  There's enough product to last you two to three months (with the exception of the finishing powder) which is just enough time to make a sound decision on whether to invest in a full-sized product or not.

Watch out for Part 2 of this review.  I'll be blogging about the Undercover Pot (which consists of Secret Camouflage, Secret Concealer and Translucent Loose Setting Powder), Secret Camouflage Brush  and Camouflage Powder Brush.

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