January 27, 2011

Meet Orange & more like him

12 years ago, I took home a kitten I found living under the platform in a classroom.  He was scrawny, dirty and his tail was cut.  This is Orange today:

He's loves to cuddle up to people and gets along with all the other cats at home (in total I have 4 adopted felines).  Orange is always walking around, exploring his surroundings.

If you're looking  for a pet, there are a lot out there that are looking for a loving home.  Check out this Saturday's activity, you may just find your perfect match :)

For more information, contact CARA at (0915) 890-5535  or email caraadoption@gmail.com. You may also log on to www.caraphil.org for updates.

P.S. next time, I'll introduce you to the rest of my cat children ;)

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  1. What a healthy-looking cat! Looks like you took good care of him :)


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