February 28, 2011

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Socks

Sometimes, scrubbing the rough skin off your feet isn't enough.  It's important to make sure that your feet are moisturized throughout the day to make them pretty for the whole world to see.  If your feet are in need of some extra pampering and you need more than a foot spa appointment, then it's time to consider getting a pair of Aloe Socks from Earth Therapeutics.

These aren't your ordinary socks - its infused with aloe vera which make then oh-so-soft and work to provide continuous moisture.  It's now part of my bedtime beauty routine - after applying a moisturizing lotion for the feet (I love the ones that contain shea butter), I wear these socks.  Whenever I wake up, my feet become sooooo soft, it's amazing!  You'll get a kick out of running your hands through the material... the softness is seriously addictive.

I highly recommend this for people with dry and calloused feet .  Exfoliate in the shower regularly and wear this continuously to end up with lovely feet within a few months.  Just remember to practice proper hygiene and wash these after every use.  Or get a few pairs.


  1. thanks for this! i'm so getting one!

  2. you're welcome. you'll love it, promise! i want to buy more haha!


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