February 25, 2011

My MAC Day

The haul that should never have happened... or maybe it was destiny ;)

I spent the afternoon at MAC getting tips from my favorite MAC Makeup Artist, Carlos.   I tell you, this guy is amazing.  I asked him what foundation and concealer would suit me, he walked over to the counter and came back with a Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC25 and a Select Cover-up Concealer in NW25.  After he applied it, I was amazed.  I told him I was lighter than I thought, and he laughed.  He didn't need to test different shades on me - his picks were spot-on. 

He explained that although my skin's undertone is yellow, my under eye circles were so dark that I actually needed something pinkish for my eye area.  For the longest time I've been using something orangey and while that works in lightening that area, the concealer he picked out worked even better.

Since I brought along stuff, we used my brushes and makeup.  We did my face, eyes and I got to use my Midnight Media lipstick.  I had a grand time wandering around the mall afterwards, wearing black lipstick :) 

I also got to try their Brow Set (in Beguile) and now I am torn between that and Shu Uemura's Eyebrow Manicure (in Palm Beige).  I did not purchase because I really need to think about which of the two I should pick.

Another thing I need to decide on is if I should get their Studio Sculpt - I loved how it really matched & evened out my skin.  But since I'm trying to use up all my tinted moisturizers (I still have 2 unopened ones) I don't know if I should get this.  Because of the coverage, it's definitely not something for everyday but for special occasions.  Carlos was nice enough to give me a sample to try out.

While there I also heard good news and bad news.  First, Loud Lash is still being sold.  I read in forums that this was discontinued in the US so I was in despair since this was one of the few mascaras that didn't make me look like a panda.  I assume it's still being produced for other countries?  Now for the bad news: the Back to MAC program has been discontinued in some regions which do not have recycling facilities (like where I am now).  I was really bummed to hear this because I had enough empty MAC products to trade-in for a lipstick.  Now what am I supposed to do with those?  Sigh.

I wasn't really set on buying anything but I ended up with the Select Cover-up, a 217 brush, Loud Lash and an Eyeshadow (in BrulĂ©).  The eyeshadow I'm going to use as a base for my new eyeshadows that's set to arrive in early March.  I'm so excited about my new stuff but I want it to be a surprise for you all!

Hope your day was just as great!


  1. But why are they discontinuing Back 2 MAC? :( Kalungkot naman. And it's kind of weird to send your empty MAC stuff all the way to the US or something. Hong Kong or Singapore maybe?

    On the other hand, yay for foundation samples. Sometimes it's just so hard to ask for one, minsan tinitignan ka pa ng masama.

  2. i asked the same question, why it was being discontinued. They didn't know either :(

    Yeah, the sample wasn't big (good for 2-3 uses) but it's enough to try out and make a decision. :)

  3. I sold my Studio Sculpt -- made me look like a pumpkin. Yeah, that orange. Makes me think twice now on getting a MAC foundation. Happy nman ako with my NYX and Revlon ones :) Is Beguile in stock sa MAC Shang?

  4. You know, a friend of mine had the same reaction to MAC. It's because her skin is acidic daw.

    Yes, beguile was in stock when I was there. Best to call ahead tho so it's not a wasted trip :)

  5. carlos is one of my favorites too. very accommodating. back to mac has been discontinued because we dont have recycling facilities. they said that natatambak lang daw sa rustan's office and they need to hire people to manually "basagin" daw yung mga plastic cases.

  6. Hi Kim! It's such a shame that we don't have the facilities. Would have been good for our environment too.


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