February 15, 2011

Philips Satinelle Ice

I first heard of epilating was when I saw a TV ad for Epilady the summer of 1989.  It looked painful.  My aunt said she tried it, that it hurt and she returned it. It was then that I became fearful of the epilator.

Shortly after, womanhood came and I had to introduce shaving to my routine.  I never really got the hang of it and would end up with the occasional nick and cut.  A few failed attempts to wax on my own happened in between.  By 2004, I was earning enough to afford trips to the waxing salon.  All those years, I was still curious about the epilator.

I told myself I would get one someday but was too chicken.  Last year, I couldn't think of what I wanted as a present so I told preppyboy to just get me an epilator.  I didn't get one and I don't blame him as the device is probably alien to the male species.  Weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised when he got me one coming from an overseas trip.  And he couldn't have chosen a better product for me. 

The first time I tried it, I was terrified but that feeling disappeared seconds after it touched my skin.

The Philips Satinelle Ice is a great epilator for first-timers because it has an ice cooler attachment that immediately provides relief and reduces swelling and redness.  If you're a pro and don't really feel the need for it, that's okay because you can easily remove the ice cooler.  Don't feel like epilating on some days?  There's an electric shaver attachment included.

The epilator has a curved end which makes it easy to get it close to different spots in your legs.  It also includes an attachment for removing hair in more delicate areas such as the underarms and bikini line. The ceramic head has hypoallergenic discs which helps reduce allergies for those with sensitive skin.

The pink section between the discs and the ice cooler is actually a massager that is designed to stimulate the skin and reduce pain.   Supposedly, it has aloe vera to make it all feel better... although I can't really imagine how they've managed to make that part of the device.  I'm not complaining though.  It works.

This epilator also includes an exfoliating glove which helps prevent ingrown hair.  It will wear out at some point but it's easily replaceable.

I had to use this almost every other day for the first two weeks but the longer I used it, the longer it took for the hair to grow back.  It looks scarier than it feels.  I  suppose it's because I've been waxing for a long time, so epilating does not hurt at all.  In fact, its so much better than getting a wax.  Another bonus: the savings!  I've cut down my beauty spending by a few thousand bucks each month... the amount I would have spent in a waxing salon.

Now I feel silly for being so fearful.  I love my Satinelle Ice so much!  It's a great investment and I think each woman should own one of these.


  1. Oh wow, this looks interesting. I only tweeze (eyebrows) or shave (everywhere else). I haven't seen this around, though so I guess it's not locally available?

  2. Watson's carries Philips epilators, I'm just not sure if they have this model available.

    I think SM and Rustan's also have epilators at the appliance section :)

    Before you epilate, I suggest getting waxed for 3 months just to get used to the feeling of multiple hairs being pulled out at the same time.

  3. epilators scare me. But I'm still playing with the idea of getting one. lol

  4. get waxed first! and when you get used to that level of pain, using epilators will be a cinch ;)

  5. Kooks, I have the exact same model only it's purple. I got it nung weekend lang sa Rustan's Shang. I have been eyeing it since late last year. I haven't used it yet. I'm still scared. LOL.

  6. chie! let's go on a waxing & threading date sometime, you want? i'll take you to the place i go to.

    for the sake of those reading, you mind sharing how much you got it for? :)

  7. I got it for 8k at Rustan's Shang. Pretty expensive. That's why I had to wait and save up for it.
    I plan to go to browhaus this coming Saturday to get my brows shaped. That was also my plan last weekend too. I bailed last minute. Let's see if I can keep to my plan this time. Eeeeks!

  8. thanks, dear :)

    and good luck at browhaus!


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