February 21, 2011

Pillow Mists for Sweet Dreams


Don't we all just love to snuggle under soft sheets and pillows?  To amplify this relaxing experience, try spritzing on some linen spray.  Pick one that's lavender-infused since this scent is helps in de-stressing and promotes a good night's sleep.

I particularly like Bath & Body Works' Sleep Pillow Mist from their Aromatherapy line.  I've tried both Lavender Vanilla and Lavender Chamomile.  Both smell absolutely divine, the former being my favorite.

Bath & Body works isn't available in all countries so try looking for an alternative such as  Spring Water Spa's Linen Spray which contains Lavender & Chamomile extracts.

An added bonus: these products are all cruelty free :)

Sweet dreams, lovelies!

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