February 9, 2011

Ziaja Duo Phase Eye Makeup Remover

Ziaja is a Polish company that makes affordable skincare products and being a fan of their Phytoaktiv line, I decided to go ahead and try something new.  There were different kinds of  make-up removers from this brand when I bought it at Beauty Bar.  I was meaning to get the gentle formula but grabbed this instead.  Note to self: double check before paying for stuff.

Duo-Phase was created to remove waterproof eye makeup.   Does it work?  I needed about two cotton balls per eye to get the job done but yes, it did work.  Although the formula is a  bit oily, it was hardly noticeable - it felt really light and was absorbed into the skin quickly.  And for those who don't like scented products, this is fragrance-free.

This product is also deemed safe for contact lens wearers and was opthalmologist tested.  But better be on the safe side and remove your lenses before using this, right? 

In the label it says that this was dermatologically and allergy tested.  At the beginning, everything seemed fine.  After a few days of use, I noticed that my eyelids started to sting ever so slightly.  I stopped using it immediately.  I have to say it's partially my fault.  I mentioned earlier that I was meaning to get the gentle formula.  It's because I have skin that's thinner than most people.  That means it's extra sensitive and products that usually work fine, makes my skin burn.  But if your skin is normal and healthy (lucky you), I suppose this product is safe to use.

Next time, I'm going to try out the gentle formula and I'll let you know how that goes (keeping my fingers crossed!).

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