March 16, 2011

Lush Lip Scrub Sweet Lips

Wearing lipstick can be a nightmare for people with dry and flaky lips.  It looks unattractive especially when one wears red shades.  To pull off this classic look, soft, smooth and supple lips are a must.  Applying lip balm is not enough - you need to keep your lips beautiful and healthy by exfoliating.  I personally love Lush's Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips.

It contains Castor Sugar which gently exfoliates the lips, Organic Jojoba Oil to soften the skin, Vanilla Extract to keep moisture in, and Cocoa Absolute to give it that yummy chocolate flavor.

I just started using this a few months ago and I love that the sugar granules are fine which makes exfoliating easy.  I've tried some other scrubs with chunky granules and it just doesn't work as well.  Lush's Lip Scrub makes my lips really feel super soft and it gets rid of the dry skin.  I make sure to do this at least twice a week as part of my nighttime skincare routine.

The flavor in Sweet Lips isn't overpowering at all - it has just the right amount of chocolate flavor in it.  I haven't been able to try the Mint and Bubblegum ones so I can't tell.  The lip scrub comes in a 25g glass jar - that's a generous amount of product right there!  As with all natural cosmetics, you need to be conscious of the expiration date (which is indicated in the cap).

Another plus - it's cruelty free and vegan.  If you're into that kind of stuff, that's great :)

Tip: After using this scrub, make sure to use a lip conditioner.


  1. I have Ellana's lip scrub, sometimes I end up eating it. Hehe! I like how the expiration date is printed on the Lush one, it makes you really use up the product as much as you can before it expires :)

  2. I agree - it forces me not to waste the product :)

  3. Ooohhh!!

    Is this the one where you can lick it off when you're done? It's so cool.

    And of course! I love that it's vegan :)

  4. not sure if this is the one but it does sure taste yummy! :)


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