March 10, 2011

NARS Maui The Multiple

The Multiple is one of NARS' most popular products because of its versatility -  it can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks and body.  It has a cream-to-powder formula that feels silky-smooth on the skin.  Luxury for your face, is what it is. 

My shade of choice is Maui, which is a dusty rose, because it provides the most natural looking flush on my cheeks.  For me, it's a must when it comes to pulling-off a no makeup look.  It's amazingly easy to blend - no special tools needed, just clean fingers.

with flash (left - when applied directly to the skin; right - blended into the skin)

I find this too drying to use on the lips, so whenever I do (which is rare), I make sure to prep my lips.  First, I scrub my lips, apply a lip conditioner and then apply a thin layer of The Multiple.

For the eyes, I always need to use a primer since this product, on its own, does not stand a chance against oily lids.  Again, it provides a sheer color which is gorgeous.

The downside, as a blush, is that even if you prime your skin and apply powder on top, the color fades quite quickly.  So in order to maintain the look, I always have to carry this around to retouch. 

Honestly, I can't say this is excellent because although it is marketed as a multi-purpose product, I mostly use it as a blush.  Overall, I'd say this is just okay.  But Maui is a beautiful, beautiful color and I absolutely love this as a blush which is why I keep buying it.  I just wish NARS would reformulate to make it last long.

This product has been part of my makeup kit for the last 8 years.  Whenever I'm about to run out, I find a way to get a new tube.  It's worth noting that it contains a lot of product (14.2 g) and lasts a long time.

The Multiple is available in a wide range of shades that are all worth checking out to find which best suits you.

Tip: when using a multi-purpose product, such as this, always scrape or scoop it off using a spatula so as not to contaminate it and lengthen its shelf-life.


  1. I have this in 'Orgasm' :) So I pat this on my cheeks, and then, I dust my 'Orgasm' blush powder over it. It makes it long wearing. Do you highlight and contour? My favorite highlighter is Mary-loumanizer from theBalm. I super love than powder!

  2. I like the tip! It's very helpful. I just don't know if it's worth the splurge. :-/

  3. Chie - I highlight and contour only when I have time because I take forever to apply my makeup haha! Actually, I want to try this out in Copacabana because I heard it's a pretty good highlighter.

    Michelle - You're welcome, dear! If you have other blushes that work for you, stick to it. And I say that because I don't think this product is "excellent" - if it were, I'd tell you it's worth the splurge ;)

  4. I highlight and contour daily :) Takes about an hour to finish putting on my make-up :) Good thing it only takes me 15 minutes to get to the office. Try theBalm products. They're cheap but very good quality :) Well, except the pencil liners. Their powders (blush, bronzer and highlighter) are awesome! I sound like an endorser diba?

  5. LOL! Yeah, theBalm is alright but so far I've only used the tinted moisturizer and eye makeup remover. I have their concealer but I haven't used it yet because I want to use up my Laura Mercier one first!


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