March 7, 2011

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover 45

This week, I was makeup less.  Zero, none, nada.  That's because I was out every single day, driving all over the metro, looking at apartments.  More on that later.  Right now, I want to talk about going without makeup.  The only products I put on my face were the basics:  Eyecream, Moisturizer and Sunblock.  I've been using Armada Face Cover 45 for a few months now and have had mixed feelings about it til now.

If you're looking for good sun protection for your face sans makeup, then this is a great product to have.  First off, it's hypoallergenic (as with all VMV products) and my skin did not feel the least bit irritated.  It's also non-comedogenic, and true to its claim, my skin did not breakout with this sunscreen.   I liked the fact that it goes on matte, unlike others that leave your face shimmery and oilier than normal.  Most importantly, my skin felt protected the entire time, considering I was out from morning til sunset (I burn really easy) - imagine how bright the sun shines in this country!

here's what it looks like

Here's the reason I wasn't sure if I liked it to begin with:  I'm not a fan of how thick this is - it was difficult to blend and I had to work real quick in spreading the product so that my face would not have white streaks.  I also had to be careful with how much I applied because too much made makeup application a bit of a challenge... and made my skin feel kind of sticky.  I'm guessing that their Face Cover 30 feels lighter so I'm definitely going to give that a go!

All in all, with the right amount applied, this is great for use without makeup.  If you want to apply foundation, I suggest going for a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead.

On Monday, I forgot to put this on the back of my neck and until now I still feel sunburned in that area .  Ouch!  How could I have forgotten, right?  The days that followed, the pain did not make me forget.  So people, if you're living in this part of the world, summer is here - don't forget your sunscreen.  Or else you'll look like a prune when you're old.

P.S. What the hell happened anyway? To make a long story short, my landlord broke contract and left me with very little time to get out of here. I may not be able to post as much this month because I have to attend to moving out and in, in a span of a few weeks. That includes getting my internet connection set-up and stuff. Sigh. Maybe I should stick my landlord's picture on to my voodoo doll. :p


  1. Your landlord is a jerk. Good luck on your move.

    I cannot convince myself to put sunblock on my face. I get annoyed by the smell. Instead, I use tinted moisturizer with spf. Right now I use Mary Kay. I like it. I plan to test theBalm next month.

  2. If your landlord broke contract shouldn't you be compensated in some way? :( Good luck and I hope you find a new place real soon.

    It's so hard to find a good sunblock that goes well under makeup. I have dry skin so napapansin ko agad if a sunblock is too greasy; on the other hand, you really do need a good layer to get the advertised SPF protection. Dilemma.

  3. Chie - i want to try mary kay stuff. where can i find them?

    i just started using theBalm today. i got light/medium but it still looks dark on me (which is kind of weird) but i'll let you know how it goes :)

    Kari - yeah, i was demanding they give me back (at the very least( my deposit before i leave. no response yet :(

    same dilemma about sublock here - thank goodness they invented tinted moisturizer huh? ;)

  4. This got me at cruelty free! LOL

    I think they have a store in Powerplant but it's a little intimidating to go inside cause it looks more like a laboratory than a store. :))

  5. I got mine in Watson's Podium!

    Yeah, their boutiques are quite intimidating. The staff at Boni High Street weren't too friendly either. Well, they weren't rude or anything... just not warm enough. =|


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