April 17, 2011

Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle Pot Rouge

There are a lot of multi-purpose products out there and I have say, this is one you should definitely check out.  Pot Rouge is a cream-based makeup for the lips and cheeks.  I can't say that I prefer this as a lip product over a blush because it works really well as both.

The color payoff is excellent.  A lot of companies claim that "a little goes a long way" but in this case, it's the truth.  All I did was press my pinky on the product and pressed once on my skin (that's the one of the left).  Then I pressed again and blended (right).

no flash

with flash

See how crazy pigmented this thing is?  Plus, it doesn't come in a small pot.  There's actually .38 oz (11ml) here which if used every single day as both lip color and blush, would still last you over six months.  I dare say even a year.

As a blush, it stays on for a fair amount of time provided it's set properly.  With other cream blushes, you'll need to build up color.  In this case, you actually need to be careful that you don't put too much on the first go.  As a lip color, I find this to be creamy and it doesn't dry up the skin as fast as the others.

Here's the thing: it's quite pricey here (what else is new?!) but if bought in the US, the wallet damage isn't that bad ($24).  I didn't purchase this pot - it was given to me by my mom.  I'm pretty sure I'd get another pot but I'll wait until I only have a few cheek and lip colors left in my traincase.  That way I'm sure to use this more often than I do now.

The color swatched is Pink Truffle.  Originally, I thought it was too dark for me but since pink lips and bold cheek colors are all the rage this season, then this works.

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  1. I usually stay away from these kinds of packagings but it would ba hard to resist this especially looking at your swatches! :)


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