April 22, 2011

Dollface 28 Neutral Palette

28 Neutral Palette with flash

I've been on a mad hunt for neutral palettes that have both matte and shimmery shades.  It's part of an "experiment" I'm doing.  Apparently, finding such a palette isn't as easy as I thought - most of what's out there are just too shimmery.  The 28 Neutral Palette from Dollface seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Did it live up to my expectations?  Well, this palette cost only Php800.00 (approximately $18) and given its very inexpensive, I didn't expect it to be spectacular.
28 Neutral Palette no flash

What I did not expect was getting an allergic reaction. No stinging, but my eyelids became swollen within minutes of applying some of the matte colors - specifically the brown ones. The last time that happened was way back (like a decade ago) and none of the eyeshadows in my traincase today have done that. One would think we've come a long way in that department... apparently not. Now I'm trying to figure out which of the ingredients caused that reaction.

 Fortunately, it did not happen when I used the shimmery shadows.

Two other things that disappointed me was the poor color payoff and that it as too powdery (which lead to a lot of fallout).  In fact, the swatches below were applied wet and I had to swipe it not once, twice, thrice but several times just to make the swatches look decent.

Definitely not something I recommend to people with sensitive skin.  It's better to invest in something that might cost more but is of better quality.  If you're on a budget and are certain that you're not allergic or have tried similar palettes (Coastal Scents, etc) then go for it.

Below are swatches that you can refer to:

Row 1 without flash
 Row 1 with flash 
Row 2 without flash
Row 2 with flash  
Row 3 without flash
Row 3 with flash
Row 4 without flash 
Row 4 with flash

And so, my search for a good neutral palette continues. Any recommendations?


  1. Oh... I think you're better off investing in something like the Naked Palette. I saw a multiply store that sells it. :-)


  2. I bought a Dollface 70+ palette. I had the same issues with pigmentation. Fortunately, I have no allergic reactions.
    I have the UD Naked palette. It's awesome. Great color payoff and if paired with UDPP, they last for hours :)
    Wet and Wild has some great 6-color palettes that are said to be MAC dupes. I have 2 of those palettes. Check those out :)

  3. thanks ladies!

    i've been looking for UD's naked palette myself. the local sellers are selling it for waaaaaaaaaay too much. i mean, i understand they need to factor in shipping & profit but the ones i've seen... well, it's highway robbery! :(

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope you're okay! Bad reactions are the worst thing, lalo na if it's something you've been looking forward to. Are you thinking of returning this? Maybe you can also ask the seller if there are any other customers who've had allergic reactions, baka may common ingredient that they complain about.

  5. Hi Kari! Unfortunately, I can't return it. To be fair, Dollface did put this on their FAQs in Facebook:

    3) Are the makeup hypoallergenic?
    Yes but it is not a guarantee that it will suit all skin types. One might have adverse reactions to the components of the products. We advise that an allergy test be conducted before trying on the makeup. Ingredients are posted under each item description. Please use at your own risk.

    My guess is there have been complaints hence this disclaimer. Hehe. Then again, I got what I paid for =|

    The shimmery shades are ok - that's one consolation :)

  6. i agree! i also think that coastal scent's(branded here as dollface) color pay off is kinda bleh, plus its also somewhat chalky. but considering its price, i guess this would be a good starter for personal make up, esp if you're not allergic with its ingredient. :)


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