April 15, 2011

Tub Time!

I guess I lucked out because my new apartment has a tub (tubs are not typical in homes here).  And this compensates big time for the absence of any type of storage space in the bathroom.  I am so delighted that I can now use the bath & shower gels that I received from family and friends.  I used to use them in the shower with a bath lily but nothing beats soaking in the wonderful scent of these babies.  It's a ritual I enjoy at the end of a stressful day.

My sister gave me the rubber duckies years ago... one of it floats sideways.  Hahaha...

Anyway, some stuff I've tried in the past and am dying to stock up on:
  • Bath Salts from Muji - the Lavender & Eucalyptus ones smell really good... but I haven't seen them in any of the local Muji stores.  Bummer.  I'll stock up when I return to HK.
  • Bath Gels from Bath & Body Works - too bad they don't have a store here.  Thank goodness for online stores ;)
  • Bath Bombs from Lush - love these!  I used to buy them everytime I would be sent to an out of town work trip to make my soaking in the hotel tub time worth it.
  • Bubble Bars from Lush - okay, I confess... I already stocked up on these.  I got a Flosty Gritter (vanilla & lavender) slice and two Christmas Eve (jasmine, ylang ylang & gardenia) slices because they smell absolutely divine and who can say no to pretty glitters?

Take that, lousy former landlord! :p


  1. LOL! I agree. The bathtub is a rare luxury around these parts! :))

  2. Aw, poor rubber ducky! It's cute how you still keep them, though. :) I still keep random stuff my sister gives me, too.

    I love filling tubs with warm water... then falling asleep in them. That is the life.


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