April 27, 2011

Wishlist: Neutral Palettes

So I mentioned in a previous post that I'm on a mad hunt for neutral palettes.  Here are some that have caught my eye.

For shimmer and all things sparkly and pretty, I'd like to try NYX Nude on Nude, Smashbox Softbox Summer 2011 and Urban Decay Naked.

And here are two palettes I want even more because of the matte shades (which are more difficult to find) - Kryolan TN1 Professional Eyeshadow Set and Viseart.

Of course it would be silly of me to go for all of these palettes.  As if I would get to use them all.

I find it very frustrating that these aren't easily available here.  Urban Decay stuff are mostly sold by online sellers on Multiply... and some of them are worse than Rustans when it comes to marking up their stuff.

NYX is available via Multiply... let's see how that goes...

Smashbox, I'm glad, they sell at Beauty Bar... I really should go visit soon and see if they already have this.  Sometimes they don't have all the collections available.

Kryolan is just a hassle to go to.  Too far from my home but hey, at least they have presence here.  Plus points.

I did find someone selling Viseart but the price is highway robbery.  It's about $40 on top of how much it's being sold in the US.

The best way for me to get these palettes?  Except for Smashbox, the rest I'd buy online and have it sent here through someone.  For now, I continue to dream ;)


  1. I don't buy eyeshadows a lot because I don't use them that often and I feel more guilty about hoarding them than any other makeup, haha. I am still also crushing on the Naked palette, though the Smashbox one looks really nice.

  2. same here... i guilt myself out for about two weeks and if i still want it, i give in. i just tell myself that i like to collect these more than use it :)


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