May 31, 2011

Chanel Myriade Lèvres Scintillantes


My lips can't get enough of the Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes in Myriade.  To date, it's the prettiest gloss in my collection.

Myriade is a beautiful reddish pink gloss with gold and blue flecks.  There's enough color that you can use this on its own.  It's so gorgeous, I'm in love!

The formula is thicker than usual but not sticky and I think that's what makes this stay longer on the lips.  If you rub your lips really hard, it'll feel grainy but otherwise, it's hardly noticeable.  I like that this has no flavor - some taste like chemicals or worse, bubblegum.  This just has nothing.  Very nice.


It looks perfect when paired with Chanel Rouge Allure in Emotive for a fun but sophisticated look!


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