May 24, 2011

Chanel Emotive Rouge Allure

Do you ever feel bad about using a product because it's so pretty and it should just be saved for special days?  I have a tendency to do that which is why I have a lot of unused products hiding in my traincase.

I have no regrets finally using my Chanel Rouge Allure in Emotive.

Emotive feels like heaven on the lips.  There's no need to put a lip balm or conditioner because the formula is  ultra moisturizing and goes on smooth like a dream.  My lips did not dry out the whole day (and night) and I only had to reapply after eating or drinking twice.  The first time I ate, the lipstick was a little (just a little bit) faded but still intact. Amazing stuff!


One layer of this color provides a semi-sheer berry stain.  Add another layer and its a sophisitcated red.  My mother hates red lipsticks but agreed this was pretty, not skanky.  It's the kind of red that's perfect not just for special occasions but for everyday use as well.

And so, my love affair with Chanel begins.

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