May 27, 2011

Four Eyes


I was stuck wearing eyeglasses for almost four months because the optical shop in my area ran out of stock of the prescription contact lenses I use.

It wasn't so bad because I really love the frames I bought early this year.

I used to avoid wearing glasses outside of the house and because the lenses are pretty heavy, even if its already ultra-thin.  But the funky design has changed my mind and now I enjoy wearing glasses!


  1. I love your frames! I wear glasses and have never tried contacts, hopefully in future. My frames are Anna Sui, sobrang girly :))

  2. I want! Where'd you get them?

  3. @Kari show me your frames! i'm forced to wear contacts most of the time because my prescription is really high... i'm considered legally blind.

    @Bunny success vision in greenhills. brand is imax. it's very affordable... i don't spend a lot on frames because the lenses cost a lot!

  4. I love the detail of your glasses! It's so pretty and girly!

  5. DMed you on twitter! haha :)


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