May 4, 2011

NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

When I saw the Spring 2011 makeup collections from various brands, I thought they were all pretty.   The one that i wanted most... like really, really wanted was NARS Celebrate Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and it was only because of the color.

And so, I got this for myself last March as a reward for finding a new apartment in record speed.

Let's talk about the price because it always bothers me why we have to pay a premium to get cosmetics considering we live in a third world country.  There are a lot of crappy things already as is...  why can't I have my makeup priced just like the rest of the world?!  This product retails for $24 in the US.  Here, it's approximately $35.  Highway robbery.

I should probably look for someone who can purchase stuff for me in the US since most of the products there costs less anyway.  I tried purchasing items online but most stores only accept credit cards if your billing address is in the US.  Major bummer.

Anyway, back to topic... I was hoping this would be more green than yellow because NARS advertised this as "parrot green" and parrots usually do have bright green colors.  This looks more like love bird yellow.  Seriously.

I wasn't quite sure how to properly use this pencil. After all, it's too fat to be an eyeliner.  The sales person from NARS said it would work best as a base for powdered eyeshadow.  That's fine by me since I do own a lot of greens.

In terms of texture, I was pleased because it glided on like a dream - extremely smooth and blendable.  The color payoff is decent enough, it was semi-opaque.

There are a lot of reviews out there saying this pencil is a dud because it creases within minutes.  I decided to test it out myself.  So I applied this to my bare lid, went to the kitchen to prepare my lunch then eat.  After that, I took this picture:

Yup, it creased.  And to think I had my air conditioner turned on.  Can you imagine how fast this would have melted had I stepped outside in the summer heat?  Scary.

A few more swatches for you to check out...

no flash
with flash

Overall, I was disappointed because NARS usually comes up with great make up.  This one looked promising but did not deliver.


  1. sayang! it's such a pretty color pa naman. :( have you tried using it as an eyeshadow base like the SA said?

  2. yup, i did. same thing, it creased within 2 hours. i think i'll just use this when i'm bored at home and decide to play makeup hehe!


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