May 30, 2011

Personal Beauty Class At Make-up Designory Manila

students wrapping up at the end of the day

Make-up Designory is one of the most prestigious makeup schools in the US and has now hit our shores.  It is located at PurBeauty in Serendra, so it's right smack in the middle of Metro Manila.

I spent all of Sunday morning and afternoon at Make-up Designory Manila attending the Personal Makeup Class.  As the course title implies, the aim is to teach students how to effectively apply makeup on themselves. 

I took similar classes at Center for Aesthetic Studies and Shu Uemura Learning Atelier but I still continue to check out other school because each have different styles of applying makeup and I learn something new each time.  It's always a fun experience.

Basically, we learned how to apply foundation properly, define the eyebrows, and create a day and evening look.   The main difference from the other courses I took was that this was a whole-day class whereas the rest were just half-day.

Our instructor was Myr Lim, a graduate of Makeup Designory in the US.  It was a small class of around 10 people - at first I was worried that not all the students would be given enough attention since our instructor had no assistant.  I'm happy to report that that was not the case. She is a great instructor who was able to provide us with ample attention and individual feedback.  I left the classroom without any questions and confident about what I learned.  To be honest, among all the classes I've attended, this was the best.

One thing I loved was that Myr probed about our skin condition to find the best product for us.  In my case, there are times when my foundation turns orange because I'm acidic.  So she tested three shades on me and we waited to see which color fit best.  I always knew that was the case but never had the patience to wait when testing for foundation.  After she did that, I realized that yeah, it was pretty important.

After completing my day look, my eternal problem of concealer settling into the lines under my eyes happened.  Even after I set it with loose powder.  At first, Myr said it could be that I put too much product.  After lunch, the same thing happened again.  She then asked if I wear eyeglasses and if I get watery eyes.  Apparently, in cases like that, the best thing I can do is to retouch by dabbing it with a sponge and setting it with some powder again.  I'm finally accepting that there's not much I can do about that so I just have to live with it - but at least now I know!  I've been killing myself trying to figure out what was wrong all this time.

At the start of the day, when students were arriving, someone walked in with a traincase on wheels.  And I thought to myself "woah, stroller!"  As it turns out, the girl thought she joined an advanced class and was perplexed when the outline was discussed since she already knew the basics.  I almost felt sorry for her.  Almost.  I was a bit annoyed because while Myr was demonstrating and explaining, she was chatting away with her seatmates a little too loud.

i went wild over an eyeshadow name. can you guess which one? haha!

We had the chance to try out MUD products and I was blown away... that I ended up taking home a cream foundation and one of their eye colors.  I'm going to review that some time, so watch out for it.  But just to give you an idea... Love!


  1. The eye look you made is gorgeous!

    I love all the colors you picked!

  2. @Michelle thanks for the sweet comment :) actually i had no choice because we had to just put color over our day look... and i used bright green eyeshadow for day. hehe!

  3. Wow kooks! You have long hair na! Looks good :) i want to attend that class too. I want your eyebrows! Anlabo. LOL.

  4. @chie thanks, dear! in preparation for december yan. after that, i'm chopping it off again :)

    take the class if you can because myr is really good at explaining things. she's able to translate theory into application. galing!

    miss you na! :)

  5. This is the first time you put up a photo of your entire face, yes? You are so pretty! :) Your brows are so neat. *_*

    I will wait for your review of the eyeshadow! I'm taking a liking to one of the colors but I'm always so hesitant about buying so many eyeshadows, since I know never ko sila mauubos. Haha :)

  6. @Kari thanks hihihi! natuwa naman ako sa comment mo ;)

    sige, i will use the eyeshadow this week para ma-review ko agad. have you seen all the eyeshadow colors? let me know if you want me to post it all because i took pics!

  7. Siguro on your eyeshadow review post na? Pro din yun na maraming colors and finishes sila to choose from :)

  8. Thanks for the write up Kookie! Saw this at MUD Manila FB page. I'll never forget your amazing collection of VIVID eyeshadow colors! :)

  9. @gypsyscribe - You are a make-up goddess! thanks for the awesome class :)

  10. thanks and you're more than welcome Kooks :) you're a beauty diva yourself! :) keep it up and all the best!


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