May 28, 2011

Sue Devitt Muscat Mini Lip Gloss

I found this last year and was excited given my love for berry colored and super dark lipstick shades with hints of purple.  I wondered if this would make me a fan of Sue Devitt.


This was described as a shimmering blackberry shade which can be worn alone or with their lipstick line.  There wasn't a tester available, so I took the plunge.

What a mistake.  First, the color was very unflattering.  It gives off an "I just ate five grape lollipops" effect, except that grape lollipops are fun.  This wasn't.  The tube is comparable to MAC's lipglass.  Except that MAC's formula is really thick, that a small amount is enough.  That is not the case with Sue Devitt's Mini Lip Gloss.  I had a difficult time getting the color to look even on my lips... it was a challenge.

The glitters were cute though...

Obviously I'm not a fan.  Very disappointed with everything about this - the texture, color and most especially, the price.  It goes for $18 in their website - not worth it, in my opinion, for such a tiny amount of product that does not perform well.

The only way I can see this product working out is if it's applied on top of black lipstick.  That way, the color doesn't show and it provides shine.

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  1. Great idea with the black lipstick thing. I imagine that that could make it better! :-)


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