May 18, 2011

Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty Pressed Eyeshadows

When I was a child, I loved painting and drawing.  Nevermind how dirty my hands got from all the paint and oil pastel.  All those bright colors brought me to a happy place.  Which is why I've had a makeup crush on  Sugarpill for about a year now.

With all the stuff I wanted to purchase, it would be quite costly to have it sent via my regular courier.  If I had it shipped directly here, well... let's just say I don't trust customs when it comes to stuff like these.  So when Preppyboy had to go on a business trip early this year, I seized the opportunity and went on a shopping spree.  I got my haul in March so this is waaaaaaaaay overdue!

Burning Heart Palette
 Cold Heart Palette
Addicted to Pretty Pressed Eyeshadows

Some eye candy, huh?  Addicted to Pretty's colors are not for the faint of heart but these are exactly what I've been looking for.  They are a bit on the powdery side but a little tapping of the brush does the trick.  Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of fall out when I applied it to my lids.

The quality is excellent - the colors are CRAZY pigmented (check out the swatches below), they are very easy to blend and there's no need to use any eye primer.  However, I did have a difficult time removing it, especially Poison Plum and Love +.  It left a stain on my eyelids which stayed there overnight - that didn't bother me at all but I thought it was worth mentioning

The pans are wide (bigger than MAC's eyeshadow) so these will definitely last me a long time.

left to right: Love+, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Poison Plum, Afterparty, Tako, Bullerproof, Dollipop, Midori

I was able to wear Poison Plum on its own (with black eyeliner), and Buttercupcake with Bulletproof to work.  So these colors aren't just for photoshoots or other special projects.  They are actually wearable - it's just a matter of being subtle if you're in a corporate setting.  I wish I was in a creative field so I could get away with using these colors to its full potential.

Usually, I don't pay much attention to packaging but it's impossible not to notice with Sugarpill.  Here are Addicted to Pretty labels at the back of each product and the Chromalust list of ingredients at the bottom of the box:

It's not just the makeup I love... The cat mascot is soooooo adorable.  Amy (the devious mastermind) pays attention to details.  I'm talking about the packaging, the free sample, the free stickers, the cards, the personalized note on the invoice (check out the haul picture at the top of this post), even the box used for shipping is so cute... so cute that I don't have the heart to throw it away!

Customer service was superb.  I forgot to include 1 item after checkout.  So I ordered it again within a few minutes.  Amy was able to get everything together so that I only got charged for shipping once.  Thank you so much, Amy!

An added bonus:  Sugarpill is cruelty-free.  And all Chromalust products, Bulletproof and Tako are Vegan.  How awesome is that?

I feel like a giddy little girl everytime I bring these out of my traincase.  With all these vibrant colors, you can do practically any look.  Sugarpill encourages me to just play with colors and it makes makeup fun... and that's how it should be!

More Addicted to Pretty pictures to oogle:

I also have three Chromalust Loose Eyeshadows but I'll save that for next time :)


  1. Omggggggggg. I've read about Sugarpill a number of times and I've always been impressed by the quality of their packaging, their products, AND their customer service (based on the blog entries). The stuff you got is GORGEOUS! And I wouldn't have the heart to throw the box away either. :))

  2. LOVE Sugarpill!! so far, I have Dollipop, Stella, and Paperdoll.

  3. Great photo's, really show off the colours that are so gorgeous. Was hoping you'd do a look but just looking at her stuff is fun, I agree. Just like painting, playing as a child..etc. Amy really is a marketing genius. I've been buying makeup & clothes from her for years. Such a gorgeous and talented lil beauty she is! Thanks to her we have the most amazing, pigmented colours to truly enjoy and "play" with. Great review...and you do have a cute name, love it! I have all the back copies of Bewitched and recognize the font. Like your style sweetie. Good luck with your blog, so far SO good. Can't wait to see a look from you! xXx...Sorrow

  4. @CrimsonSorrow thank you for the kind words! :)


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