May 26, 2011

Ziaja Phytoaktiv Eye Cream

Ziaja is a small Polish company that makes natural skincare products.  I've used other products from their Phytoaktiv line on and off for a few years, depending on my skin condition.  That lead me to try out this line's Eye Cream.

I started using this last December and I still have about two or three weeks worth of product left in the tube.  So after using this product day and night for a few months, here are my observations:

The Phytoaktiv Eye Cream has a light, creamy consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin.  All that's needed is a very small amount - a teensy weensy dot and that's enough for both eyes.

It was very mild on my skin and did not cause any allergic reaction, which is a relief.  But make sure you don't get the product in your eye because that's another story.

I'd say this is a decent product to have if you want to provide moisture to your undereye area.  Because it was good at moisturizing, I noticed that the outer corners of my undereye lightened.  I think the inner corners are in really bad shape so I may need something else to address that concern.  

One thing to note is that it's not made to reduce any fine lines.  So don't expect that and say boo when it doesn't happen.

Overall, I'm happy with this product as it was very gentle on my eyes and effective.  When Ziaja says that their Phytoaktiv line is made for delicate skin, they mean every word of it.


  1. Anything that's easily absorbed by the skin is a winner in my book! :)

  2. @Michelle it's also wallet-friendly. got it for less than Php300 at Beauty Bar :)


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