June 11, 2011

Almay Black & Brown Liquid Eyeliner

I've been searching high and low for a liquid eyeliner that would not sting my eyelids and leave a dark stain on my skin (kind of like a scar).  I tried several brands (Palladio, Body Shop, some local stuff) and they all stung like crazy.  With a bit of online research, I learned that some people had better luck with Almay's Liquid Eyeliner.  And so, I asked a friend to purchase the black and brown ones and send it over since I can't find anyone selling it locally.

It has decent staying power and does not smudge easily.  Here's a pre-smudge photo.  The brown one (left) is quite dark.

 And after my running my thumb through it a few times, it looks like this.

See?  There's still a good amount of color left.  Of course, some of it rubbed on to my thumb.

I tried using this without any primer or eyeshadow and it stayed on for over four hours without smearing.

It has a felt tip applicator which I personally like because it's easy to control.  The key to keeping this intact is to use a light hand and just dab instead of trying to draw a straight line.

What I was a bit disappointed was that it somewhat stings... not as bad as the rest. It only does when I apply a thick layer. Which leads me to the conclusion that thicker formulas, the ones with a well and felt-tip applicators just sting. Period.


  1. I'm not a fan of liquid liner cause I just haven't found any that works. I'll give this a try when I come across it!

  2. Have you tried the automatic liner of Majolica Majorca?

  3. Great deal! I have been using the Loreal linear intense. That works well also

  4. @undomestic diva - i haven't had the chance to check out that brand yet but i will. thanks :)

  5. @productdoctor - thanks for the idea. i'll check that out :)


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