June 9, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique No 103 Chant D'Arômes

Guerlain recently launched their Rouge Automatique lipstick line which promises long lasting color while keeping your lips hydrated.  And as an added bonus, it comes in the sleekest tube ever.

Packaging fiends will certainly love this one.  All you need to do is slide down the square button and the lipstick slides up.  The cap itself is sturdy.  I applied pressure on it and it barely budged.

It took some getting used to.  My lower lip would hit the tube because I did not want to slide the product all the way out.

Most of my lipsticks are dark shades so I decided to build my collection and add light colored ones.  I chose Chant D'Arômes which is a light beige color.  A bit on the peachy side with a beautiful subtle sheen.

It felt creamy upon application but after about ten minutes, I noticed that the texture changed.  It felt very light and slightly drier than when I initially applied it.  But not dry to the point that my lips would flake.  It had a subtle powdery-floral scent when I applied but it completely vanished within a few minutes.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique holds up to its promise of long lasting color.  After drinking, there was no need to re-apply as I still had a pretty good amount of color left on my lips.

Because this product's staying power is above average, I may just purchase a bolder color in the future.


  1. The packaging looks so chic!

  2. I call this my big girl lipstick! :D

  3. Hi, I just bought this lipstick, exactly the same colour. I love the away it has the nude effect on you. In me looks brownish. Do you aply something prior to the lipstick, maybe even foundation? I want to make it look lighter on me.

  4. Hi Célia! The only thing I use under is lip balm (EOS) on days when my lips feel really dry. I avoid foundation since my lips easily flake.

    I've been reading a book the last couple of days (The Complete Makeup and Beauty Book by Leigh Toselli) and in it she says that the same shade of lipstick looks different on people because of their skin tone & acidity. That's probably why. Hope that helps :)


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