June 13, 2011

Accidental Sanrio Sunday


My favorite Sanrio characters are Tuxedo SamHello Kitty and recently, Kuromi.  I got this Kuromi Coin Bank as a semi-surprise, out of the blue present from Preppyboy.

Let me explain.  After having late lunch at Bellini's, Voodoomommy and I checked out the antique stores while Preppyboy checked out other stores nearby.  When we were done, we looked for him so we could leave.  From the window of a store with contemporary stuff, I saw him.  And then I saw this and screamed "Kuromi!" which I think left my mother confused.  As I entered the store, Preppyboy told me to leave... apparently he saw it first and was in the middle of buying it for me.  Awwwww... how sweet :)

Kuromi, for those who are not familiar, is the rival of My Melody.  No contest though.  I think Kuromi is infinitely cuter.

We had to kill time before the movie (Super 8) so we hit Timezone.  Walked away with this adorable Hello Kitty prize - it sways when under light.  No batteries required.  What is this thing called anyway?

I'm not the only Kuromi fan in this household ;)

Which Sanrio character do you love?

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