June 14, 2011

NYX Cosmo Mega Shine Lip Gloss

Nyx is a crowd pleaser when it comes to makeup because of the wide variety of products and colors at an affordable price.

The first Nyx lipgloss I will Swatch & Tell is Cosmo, which is a dark pink (almost old rose) color with silver glitter.

The applicator is longer than other brands.  It's also softer which makes it more difficult for me to apply.  The tendency is to go over the lip which is something you don't want when using lipgloss.

The texture is just about right - thick enough to make it last long without feeling sticky.  I wish they didn't make this bubblegum flavored because I'm not a fan.  Actually I'm not sure if it's bubblegum or cherry.  Either way, I really dislike it.  I would have preferred it to be unflavored or something more subtle like sugar or vanilla.

The color looked nice on the tube and I didn't have a tester at that time.  Note to self: only buy lip products that you can swatch!  By the way, its actually darker than the photos below.

I just felt that there was too much glitter action going on with this shade.  My lips felt like a disco ball.  And when I wiped the product off, it left a glittery mess that required several swipes of makeup remover to be glitter-free.

The verdict?  This product isn't great for everyday but for makeup artists working on a shoot that requires wet and glossy lips, this is what you want on your kit.

I have three more Nyx Mega Shine lippies in my traincase that I haven't opened but once I do, I will swatch & share.  Thankfully, those aren't too glittery ;)

Have any of you used Nyx Mega Shine?  I want to know if it all has the same flavor.  I'm hoping that's not the case but I think I'm going to be wrong about that.  Oh well =|


  1. Awarded you! :)


  2. they all have that cherry scent

  3. hi sol! i bought a nude on nude palette from you :D oh no, i really hate the scent but the other colors i haven't used are so pretty. :(


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