June 5, 2011

Those Asian Face Masks

Truth be told, I've been stopping myself from purchasing anything from Asian beauty stores that have been popping up left and right.  For me, they aren't tried and tested, I don't know anyone personally who uses those brands so I shy away.  Baby steps.

I just got over a really bad case of adult acne which I've been battling since September of last year.  Just how bad?  There was a 5-week period wherein a huge and very painful cystic acne would form every week.  So now I'm determined to keep my skin clear and to heal the blemishes caused by it.  I figured there's no harm in trying face masks that are specifically made to address my concerns.

When I was younger, I was just used to the cream and clay types that get washed off.  It's interesting how many types of masks there are available today.  There are masks wherein disposable cloths with face cut-outs are dipped in some form of solution (I like keeping these in the refrigerator so that when it's time to apply, it feels cool on my face).  Then there's the powdered ones that you mix with distilled water and apply on the face using a brush.   I also got a few that are made for specific areas of the face.

What confuses me is that almost all instructions are written in a language I don't understand.  To further illustrate my point, check out the pictures below.  Step 2 in English says I need to swipe with a cotton swab in downward motion.  And the illustration that's beside the Koren instructions show the opposite.  I'm going for the Korean version to be safe.  My general rule is to keep it on my face for 15 minutes. 

Although I'm Asian, I can't really figure this out.  I can tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean letters.  The only character I know is Double Happiness *wink* *wink*!  I can say hello, friend, I love you, count one and two in Mandarin.  My Fookien is limited to the number five hundred, the words hello, friend, i love you, the phrase I have to go now and a bunch of cuss words hahaha!  I know Filipino because that's my native language but I was raised by my folks to speak English (I think in English).  I can understand very little Spanish - everyone else on my mom's side is fluent.  I suppose that's something I need to add to the list of stuff I have to do before I die.

Anyway, back to our topic...

When it comes to skincare stuff, I generally believe that one has to use a product for months before results can be seen.  I think that "overnight results" are too good to be true and that's usually the case.  I purchased several masks so that I can treat my skin at least twice a week.  I just started two weeks ago so it's too early to tell.  I'll review once I'm sure of the results.  For now, wish me luck! :)

Have you tried using face masks?  What were the results?


  1. I also buy my loot from Watson's :) My favorites are from Purederm -- hair treatment in honey and aloe vera foot mask. I also have the Etude House ones but I haven't tried it yet. Saturday is usually my DIY spa day.

  2. Yuck! Bad comm naman ako. I meant to write, " I haven't tried them yet"

  3. Long-term effects from masks are hard to believe kasi that means you have to keep using the same mask for a really long time, but the nature of their packaging makes you want to buy different ones naman. Sana pala most of them came in packs like wet wipes para bunot na lang nang bunot :)) I believe may ganun na pero minority yun.

    Some of the few claims that I believe masks have are hydrating and brightening effects. Everything else (whitening, anti-aging etc.), I'll leave that to skincare that actually stays on my face for a good part of the day/night. :) Nevertheless, looking forward to your reviews!

  4. hi kari! i agree with you on the masks part.

    i think for long term, it really has to be used along with other products and this is just part of the regimen.

    some masks i've tried the effects last for a few hours while there are some that lasted for a couple of days.

  5. i tried the Asian face masks once. it was weird. i felt that i just troweled on Elmer's glue to my face.there are sooooooo many of those things in Quiapo with the hilarious Engrish

  6. baby j, it depends. what is your skin type? mask addresses a specific concern. right now i'm trying to make it less oily so that i don't break out. tara, let's find the perfect mask for you :)


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