June 1, 2011

Wish You Happy!

I get a kick out of Asian products with broken English on them... it's just so cute.  And before you say I'm being racist, know that I am Asian.

Since I always forget to bring my vitamins and medicine when I travel, I figured I should buy a pillbox.  I've been putting it off because the ones I've seen look so plain.  But this one's a winner since I'm crazy about cats.

The typical pillbox I see have seven compartments (for each day of the week) and each are of the same size.  So this one's a little bit weird.  Maybe it's made for people who have really stressful or generally bad days and need to take a chill pill... like me.


  1. Cutie pill box!!! Makes me wish I had pills to take so i can get one1

  2. @Michelle i found this at watson's at pasig hypermart. you don't need meds... perhaps a sewing kit... or maybe some toothpicks... or loose beads... just find an excuse to buy hehehe!


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