July 29, 2011

Chanel Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Fluid Foundation SPF 25/PA+++

Early this year, Chanel released their  Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Fluid Foundation SPF 25/PA+++ which is exclusively sold in Asia.  I suppose it's because whitening products are a hit in Asia?

When I was shopping for foundation, I kept swatching until I found a shade that matched my skin.  In this line, I'm a BO20 Beige Ocre Tendre which is the second lightest.  The only question I asked the sales associate at the Chanel store in Harbour City was if this product would make my skin breakout.  She said no and I bought it.  I didn't even bother reading the name of the product - as long as it matched my skin and didn't give me zits, I was happy.

I wasn't happy when I read the label once I returned to our hotel.  Truth be told, I don't like how they named this product because it sounds like a high-end BB Cream.  This is far from that, and in a good way.

The foundation comes in a pump dispenser which I like as it gives me the right amount of product all the time.  Its a tiny amount compared to other products which come in this type of packaging but that little is enough to provide good coverage.

In terms of texture, it felt a tad bit powdery at the beginning of application.  Perhaps the Mineral Ceramic Pigments contained in this formula is the cause?  I'm taking a guess here.  Anyway, as I worked the product into my skin, it felt smoother.  It's medium-weight so its easy to blend and after application, it doesn't really feel like there's foundation on.  It has a light fragrance that I personally found pleasant.  The scent gets weak the longer you wear it so for those who prefer unscented products, its not that bothersome.

Chanel claims that this foundation will make the skin appear even and translucent... and it's true.  It makes my skin look luminous, slightly ethereal.  In fact, I can completely skip using a highlighter.  The finish is semi-matte so even if my skin glows, it doesn't look oily.  I like how it photographs because the highlights look natural so I suppose this is make-up artist friendly.

As for the whitening properties?  I can't tell because I never cared for that kind of stuff.  I suppose if you use this along with the skincare products from the Le Blanc line then there may be a chance that your skin will lighten.

Overall, I like how this foundation performs.  It's really great for those with oily or combination skin because it provides good coverage, doesn't make the skin look greasy and no breakouts! For those with dry skin, you may want to try another foundation from Chanel because dry skin looks flaky on this.

I've never tried anything like it in the past.  If it's within budget, I say go for it because a good base is important when wearing makeup.

I'd like to know what foundation you've tried that makes your skin glow. Share please :)


  1. My current love today is James Cooper Cream compact foundation :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful foundation. *_* If I had the money I'd splurge on it and on skincare, haha. I haven't yet found a foundation that makes me glow, except siguro for The Face Shop's hydro splash bb cream, which is really more dewy than glowy. :))

  3. @kingking - oh my goodness i haven't heard that name in ages! they sell his stuff sa watsons ba?

    @kari - i've learned the best products to splurge on are skincare, foundation and anything for my eye. this foundation is around 1k less in HK compared to rustan's. just buy it there :)

  4. I had the same problem as you, always shopping around to find a matching tone, and prevent shining.

    Today I use the same shade as you do, B020, beige ocre, but as a powder foundation - and I am really fond of it.

    My only problem : I live in Paris and wonder how to get hold of a new box.

    Does anybody have an idea where I could buy it online?

  5. I'm beyond upset that this particular foundation is exclusively sold in Asia only. I'm up here in Canada & I've read quite a few good reviews about the Le Blanc line. What intrigued me was when I saw that this is good for Asian skin. And as for "lightening" it won't necessarily "lighten" your complexion. It will only do as much as clearing your hyperpigmentations & even out your skin; getting rid of the dry & uneven patches on your face. I'm currently using some of their skin care products but have yet to try the Le Blanc line.

  6. How can i get this foundation in BO 20 online?


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