July 22, 2011

Clarity Aesthetic Medical & Dental Center

I'm writing this post on a Friday because personally, I like get my treatments towards the end of the week (on a Thursday or Friday) as it helps me de-stress and prepare for the weekend.  Good idea, yes? :)

When it comes to skincare treatments, I tend to stay away from spas.  After all, it is my skin and I'm the type who would rather invest in a product or service instead of getting something that costs less but doesn't work or worse, will aggravate my skin issues.  Its best to either see a medical professional or have it done by a reputable skincare brand.  At least that's what I do.

Here's the thing:  I hate having to go to a dermatologist's clinic at the hospital and wait in line.  Actually, I just hate going to hospitals period.

That's why Clarity is a winner in my eyes.  It's basically your one-stop-shop when it comes to skincare, beauty and dental services.  They employ medical professionals to ensure that the treatments you receive are exactly what you are looking for, what you need and safe.  Since it's located inside Shangri-La Mall, I can kill time either by shopping or eating.

Last week, I visited the center not really knowing which specific treatment to get.  Thankfully, I was able to consult with Dr. Amy Cagayan.  I told her what my skin concerns were - I have sensitive skin and I just wanted some areas to look smoother.  She then told me about the different treatments they had and made recommendations based on what I told her and what she saw.

To address my sensitive skin, I had the Firming Facial wherein my skin was cleansed, exfoliated and a mask was applied.  My therapist, Divine, massaged my face.  She applied this thick cream which based on the scent, was infused with lavender.  It was so relaxing I wanted to fall asleep.  The facial was followed by a Diamond Peel treatment but only on the forehead where my skin looked most uneven. 

When everything was done, I checked my face and noticed that my skin looked smoother.  The days following my visit, my cheeks felt less dry than usual and at the same time, nothing triggered a break-out.

There's another treatment that's making me more and more curious everyday.  They do IPL treatments to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries.  I have lots of those on my cheeks thanks to genetics.  To be honest, I'm afraid of laser treatments or anything similar which is why I haven't done this yet.

Aside from skincare, Clarity also offers cosmetic and dental services.  Here's a scanned copy of their list of services (click to enlarge):

Clarity is located at the 5th Level of Shangri-La Plaza Mall.  Clinic hours are from 10am to 8pm daily.  You can contact them at 910-4955 to 64.

A press visit was provided for editorial consideration.

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