July 8, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Bust Out! Lipstick

I have plum lipsticks but never a true purple one.  I had to have one at some point so I figured it was time :)

MAC's Bust Out! is a Lustre lipstick that a collector or anyone who likes unconventional colors will enjoy.  It appears uneven when applied from the tube but it's not as obvious as Naturally Eccentric.  Still, I recommend paying close attention when applying.

I think this is wearable as an everyday color if you keep your eye area bare or use really light colors.  Or if you're into Avant Garde and want to go wild, pair this with an orange eyeshadow.  Either way, this lipstick is just fun!

After using all three lipsticks from Surf Baby, here's what I think:  The colors are lovely but I think MAC should continue to work on the formula so that it lasts longer.  Hey, I have no regrets purchasing these... I just think it could still be better.


  1. Oh wow, it's really... purple. The nice thing about purples though is that I feel they're a workable shade for lipsticks somehow, than say... blue. Haha :)

    I got the samples today by the way. :D Thank youuu! <3 Excited to try them! :D


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