July 4, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Hibiscus Lipstick

I thought that I'd devote most (if not all) of this week to the MAC Surf Baby I nabbed because this is my favorite collection to date.

Hibiscus was one of the most popular products in MAC's Surf Baby Collection.  It sold out justlikethat.  I actually had the chance to purchase this as soon as it was out but hesitated.  That's one thing I will never do again.  Ever.  When I realized I wanted it, I had to go to 3 stores before I found one.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Swatch & Tell!

I've stayed away from MAC lipsticks for quite some time because I found it too drying.  I guess it's their matte stuff that I should stay away from.  

Hibiscus is a vibrant coral red that's perfect to wear on a sunny day.  It's a wee bit more red in real life compared to the photos below.  It's a Creamsheen lipstick which did not dry out for the entire time I wore it.  I was hoping it would last longer but I noticed that the color faded within three hours and had to reapply. 

 I'm just glad I was able to get my hands on this because I was so close to biting the bullet in eBay :p


  1. I never liked wearing coral until I found this. Love! ♥

  2. Super pretty!!! :-) I looooove the shade!!


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