July 10, 2011

MAC Surf Baby My Paradise Cheek Powder


I have a confession to make.  Before even swatching, I already made sure that I was going to get My Paradise because of the pretty design.  And right after I applied it, I was hooked.

When it comes to blush, I prefer it not be too pigmented because I want to have the option to adjust and build color based on my preference.  This product does just that.  The gold overspray blends nicely with the coral base color, giving it just the right amount of shine.  Some products with glitter are just over the top - this is subtle.  Check out the swatch below to see what I mean.

Aside from it being buildable, I like that it feels smooth on the skin.  It's also quite easy to blend.  Definitely one of the easiest blushes to use.

It wouldn't make sense to swatch this the way one would with an eyeshadow because that's not how blush is applied.  So I used a face brush instead so you can see what this really looks like as a blush.

On me, I think this provides a much more natural flushed look compared to pink blush.

There are very few products that I buy on repeat.  I wish this wasn't a limited edition color because this is something I've been using quite often.  Had I known that I would love this so much, I would have gotten a second one.

I dare say I like this way better than NARS Orgasm.


  1. Oh, it's so pretty! Akala ko it would be really strong on the cheeks, the way it's been swatched all over the Internet.

  2. Yeah, I was afraid that the gold would be too much because of the swatches I saw. But it's not that obvious. What it does is just add more dimension to the color.


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