July 6, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Naturally Eccentric Lipstick

Love wearing outrageous eyeshadow colors like red and hot pink?  Perhaps you'd rather don the darkest smokey eye?  Or maybe you're the type who wants to go all zen on the face and minimize color?  Naturally Eccentric is a creamy nude Lustre that is perfect for an Avant Garde look.

What I have noticed with the Lusture formula is that if applied directly from the tube with the same amount as a normal lipstick, it will appear uneven.  I own three MAC Lustre Lipsticks and they all do the same thing.  However, when applied in a thin layer using a brush or if you dab it with your finger, you will end up with a lovely, even wash of color

If one plans to wear this shade solo, it is important to exfoliate the lips real well as this brings out flaky lips.  Embarrassing!

One way to enhance this color is by applying an opalescent gloss on top.  Can you imagine how magical that would look?

Naturally Eccentric can also be used to tone down bold lip colors and give it a bit of a milky hue.

The color may seem intimidating at first but think of all the possible ways you can incorporate this with your current collection.  This was the first lipstick I got from the Surf Baby collection because I thought it could be used in so many different ways!


  1. I have no idea how you can wear nude lips without applying a colored lip gloss on top. LOL Or is that how you're really supposed to wear it?

    Oh and my laptop's broken so, I don't have the picture of the nude newspaper nail art design thing but here's the original link, she used nude polish there. :-)


  2. yup, its supposed to be worn that way with avant garde looks - to make the lips fade and only the eyes pop :)

    thanks for the link!


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