July 15, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude Palette

The Nude on Nude palette from NYX features 20 eyeshadow and 10 lip colors that can transform your look from day to night to discomama.

I'm wary about neutral palettes that are dominated by shimmery colors because there are times that I want to create a subtle eye look.  What I like about this palette is that there eight matte colors I can work with.  These are on the chalky side and the color is weak so I need a primer to make this work.  There are three colors that have glitter on them but either the glitter is too big or the formula doesn't make them stick so what happens is I just get the base color.  Personally, I don't mind since it looked a bit strange with the glitter.  The rest are shimmery shades that are buttery, pigmented and blend really well.  I was actually expecting the eyeshadows (the matte & shimmery ones) to perform that way, so no surprises here.

I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for these swatches.  Truth be told, the colors look better in person.  I guess this means I need a better camera.  Haha!

I was expecting the lip colors to be too sheer to use but I was happy to be proven wrong.  The colors came out more pigmented than I thought.  I like that there are both warm and cool colors in both light and bright shades.

The lipsticks feel a bit thicker and slightly stickier compared to the Round Lipstick from the same brand.  It does have a tendency to dry so a lip balm is needed before applying.  As long as you prep well, this will feel comfortable.  The color doesn't stay on quite as long as regular lipsticks.  But hey, I've seen worse.  When it comes to lip colors in palettes, this is actually one of the better ones out there.

The palette also includes a sponge tip applicator and lip brush which I feel they could have done without given the flimsy quality.  NYX should have just made the lip color pans bigger ;)

I think this palette is perfect for those who aren't really into makeup, beginners or for those on a budget.  Think about it:  The darkest colors can be used as an eyeliner and the lip colors double as cream blush.  The only thing you'll need to get is a tube of mascara and some face powder.

Overall, I think NYX did a great job with this palette.  It's one product that truly gives you a bang for your buck.


  1. great review, ive been contemplating on this for quite some time. i've found my answer. thanks :)

  2. thank you and you're welcome! :)

  3. very helpful review! been thinking if I should buy this or not, hahaha! :)


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