July 19, 2011

The One About The Dumbass Neighbor

The title alone will tell you this is a rant post.  I came home from date night last Saturday to find that part of the basement parking of my place of residence was burnt.  The lobby still reeks of it.

Here's what happened:  one of the guys who lives here entered the parking area with the front of his car wrecked.  There was smoke coming out.  While he was in the process of getting his car into the slot, sparks flew and the car burst in flames.  Three other nearby cars were damaged too, one severely.  Wires burnt down.  Lots and lots of it.  According to the security guard, the guy seemed drunk.

You know what the best part is?  The entire building hasn't had power since.  No electricity, no hot water, no internet, no telephone.  Half the residents have left.  An old woman was brought to the hospital.  I feel like this is a scene from a zombie movie.  There are some units here that are offices.  Not only were our lives disrupted but for some, their means to make a living.  Some say it could take three weeks to get everything back to normal.  Others who are optimistic say a week.  What the effing hell...

The guy in the car?  Got out unharmed.  I heard on the grapevine that the guy is trying to pass the blame elsewhere.  Instead of making a public apology and finding a way to ease the burden on EVERYONE who lives here, he bails out.  He was even heard name dropping and bullying people.  His family brought in SOCO, DILG and SWAT - what for?  The basement was not a murder scene!  The only death was the death of all common sense... When there's smoke coming out of the hood of your car, don't freaking drive into a basement!  No amount of that crap will get him out of the mess he's created.

The car on the right was the one that started the fire

 At another angle

 The bump in front which caused something under the hood to go nuts

 The car on the left was just parked there and look at the terrible shape its in

Two other car victims

Needless to say, I am angry beyond words - the voodoo doll and black candles are out of their hiding place.

I am glad that my parents and Preppyboy's mom have offered me a place to stay.  Others aren't as lucky and don't know where to go.


  1. Oh my god. What a complete idiot! :|

  2. agree with Kari, complete idiot and totally irresponsible act! glad you're ok though.

  3. Oh my Freaking God! That's what you get for being a lousy drinker. If you're going to be an ass, make sure you don't inconvenience people.

    I keep on looking at the pictures in absolute disbelief. Parang scene sa resident evil lang


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