August 9, 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Lip Nectar

Summer is over (or about to end, wherever you might be) but if you can't let go of the laid-back look, then you might like the Lip Nectar Moisturizing Lip Gloss from The Body Shop's Honey Bronze line.  The two shades will look great for those with real or fake tans.  I have neither but it's not stopping me from using these sparkly lippies.

I'd say these are medium weight as they are not watery nor sticky.  The texture is just right that it stays on for a decent amount of time.  In lip gloss terms, an hour is decent already.  There's a bland caramel (I use caramel because it's nowhere near honey) flavor that quickly fades.

Honey Bunch is bright coral with gold, green and red (the last two are hardly noticeable) flecks.  It's highly pigmented and can be worn on its own but it tends to settle in the lines of my lips.  Personally, it's too orange for my liking that I don't wear it alone.  I prefer pairing this with MAC's Hibiscus or any red lipstick.

Honey Beige is almost transparent with gold flecks and it may be my imagination but I do spot some blue and red in there too.  It gives a really nice shine to the lips when worn alone, it can also be worn on top of any lip color and this will look good on anyone.  Among the two, this is my favorite because of its universal appeal. I haven't had the chance to use any lip gloss like this that I am still deciding if I should get a backup or scout for something similar.

By the way, The Body Shop should really double-check the spelling on their labels *shakes head*


  1. Ooh I wonder what the Honey Bunch looks like under red lipstick!

    I like TBS' fall releases more, methinks. Either that or this collection is just not appealing to me as a whole right now. :)) I'm more interested in their sales--that "we're 15 years" sale is still ongoing in some branches!

  2. Kari - sige, I'll post a pic wearing hibiscus and another red lipstick for comparison :)

    their fall 2010 collection was really nice no?

    their sales are nice... but i only buy stuff that i know is a bargain. sometimes kasi i feel that their sales are "real" you know what i mean? tinataasan on purpose yung presyo para pag sale kunwari mura na. *shakes head*


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