August 10, 2011

Chanel 525 Quartz Le Vernis Nail Colour

When I first read about the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour line up for Fall, I was blown away.  So much so that I called the store and had a bottle of Peridot reserved as I love colors that are somewhat apple greenish.  Then I changed my mind and had them reserve Graphite instead.  I told myself: since I wear black polish all the time, I should get something close to that.

The day the collection arrived, I was able to try out Peridot and Graphite - I wasn't too thrilled.  Don't get me wrong, they are lovely colors and I wasn't disappointed.  I just wasn't giddy.  You know what I mean?

They didn't have a tester for Quartz so I asked to just see the bottle.  When I did, I knew this was the color to get.  And so that's what I came home with, not the other two I originally wanted.

Quartz is a beautiful metallic taupe color and among the three, I think this is the most wearable as it transcends the season and can be worn anytime by anyone.  Besides, I never owned any nail color in this shade and it's good to wear something different, right?

For the nail color addict, Chanel is quite a treat as it dries quickly, you don't need to apply multiple coats to get the color to appear and it stays on for a long time.  Based on my experience, I only saw a teeny tiny chip after a week.  And that my lovelies, is why Chanel's nail color is legendary.  Aside from the fact that the colors are always pretty.

Sorry, I didn't swatch this time as my nails are super short and I'm just not happy with how they look right now.  Maybe next time ;)


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