August 12, 2011

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30/PA+++

When Clinique originally launched this product late last year, it was a travel exclusive that you could only get at duty-free shops in Asia, Australia, NZ and a handful of US Airports.  Now, these are available in Clinique counters - if its not available yet in your area, it will be soon.

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The formula isn't as thick as Face It HD Perfect BB Cream from The Face Shop however I still find it a bit difficult to blend because it dries up really fast.  I've tried using this with and without a moisturizer to see how well this hydrates the skin.  I'm quite pleased that I don't need a moisturizer prior to applying this as this doesn't flake.  I did notice some product cake on the side of my nose but it was a tiny line which I was able to remove by gently dabbing my finger on the area.

This BB cream lightly conceals - any dark scars or undereye circles still require some concealer.  I loved the fact that this was truly brightening and visibly reduced the appearance of my pores.  Other reviews say that oil-control isn't fantastic and that blotting is still necessary.  But based on my experience, I never had to blot.  Whenever I would come home from work, I noticed a bit of shine but it certainly wasn't an oil slick.  But then again, it might be the Olay Oil Minimizing Toner working it's magic.

without BB cream on the left, and with BB cream on the right

The only thing that displeases me is the color as its really light (with a pinkish tone).  On my hand, it looks like a match but since my neck & face are darker, it looks off when I wear it.  It's the same problem I have with other BB creams.  Clinique claims that this blends in with one's skin color within 10-15 minutes.  In my case, it took an hour or so... seriously, I don't have an hour to lounge around and wait for that to happen.  I wish Clinique would make one in a shade that matches my skin - if they did, I'd come back for more of this product.


  1. I'm darker skinned, and have *never* met a BB cream that blended properly with my skin. xP Too bad this takes so long for you. =[

  2. VijiiS - i feel your frustration. i can't understand why companies don't make various shades. with the technology available, i'm sure that's possible.

  3. This is promising! I thinkt he color looks good on your had. Does it oxidize or something? But I know what you mean about color selection. I wish they had more choices.

  4. Hi Elvira! Yup, it oxidizes but it takes forever, not how Clinqiue advertised (10-15 mins) =/

  5. I'm fascinated by BB cream, but haven't had the opportunity to try one. Would you use it in place of primer?

  6. @Retrodiva - yes, BB Cream works well as a primer. I actually like it better that way than using it solo :)

  7. very interesting. I definitely will purchase it.
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