August 3, 2011

Olay Oil Minimizing Toner

One Sunday, I was having lunch at my parents' place and Voodoomommy called me to her room.  She gave me a bottle of Olay Oil Minimizing Toner.  Apparently she didn't read the label (see, it's genetic) and just bought it because she needed a toner.  The thing is, she has dry skin and using this is probably not the best idea.

At first I had no plans of using it because I was told to use only an alcohol-free toner.  I changed my mind because my t-zone has been out of control since the beginning of this year and I always had to carry some blotting paper with me no matter where I went.  I would find myself having to blot at least twice a day at work - it felt really gross.

Since I did not want to irritate the more sensitive and dry parts of my skin, I would only apply this on my t-zone and neck.  Like most toners I've used, this is really good at catching dirt that most cleansers can't.  What surprised me was that even if it contains alcohol, my skin did not feel dry, tight or itchy after applying the product.  In fact, it takes a moment to dry - when I'm in a hurry, I fan my face to make it dry faster so I can move on to my next skincare step.  I accidentally applied some on my cheek and I looked like a tomato.  I might just use this every other day instead if my t-zone starts getting irritated.  So far it's still okay.

After two weeks of use, I noticed that my t-zone was less oily.  And I realized it when I went through an entire day at work without having to blot my face.  This stuff is freaking amazing!  This toner contains Witch Hazel which is supposed to help fight.  I can't tell if it does that for sure because what I have isn't the normal type of breakout (I'm back on antibiotics).

Although I have a toner that's alcohol-free and use that all over my face, I will still continue to use this on my t-zone because it really, really works. 


  1. so medyo matapang pala talaga sya if namula yung cheek mo. i wanna try this, hope it can reduce my oiliness :)

  2. yup matapang nga, but it doesn't sting. hope it works for you too, dear :)


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