August 31, 2011

Reusable Shopping Bags

I've been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now but been stopping myself from shopping (such a horrible feeling).  This weekend, I thought I'd reward myself since life has been stressful lately.

The last couple of years, I've ditched shopping bags from stores in favor of reusable ones.  They don't take up much space in my regular bag since they easily fold.

This Hello Kitty I Love Nerds bag reminds me of KittyVixen85's blog.  Pure cuteness!

With adorable designs, who wants to use boring paper or plastic bags from stores?  It always amazes me how much stuff each bag can carry - a lot more than one would think.  I even use them when I shop for groceries.

Leave a comment below if you ♥ reusable bags too!


  1. I keep forgetting to bring an ecobag along with me. Those printed ones are so pretty, though!

  2. Your too sweet...I love love love That HK bag :) I always use reusable bags just because they are wayy cuter than regular bag and plus they are eco friendly :) XOXO

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  3. Oh and where did you get these super cute bags?!?!

  4. @KittyVixen85 I found it at the street market in Hong Kong. If I see one again I'll get it for you, promise!

    I love giveaways... will join for sure :)

  5. hi kookie! i've been using them since 2008 :)

    i now have a collection of shopping bags from all the countries i visited as well as most malls here in manila.

    my fave is the one they sell at fully booked. forgot the brand but the material is water proof. the kind that they use for umbrellas.

  6. @gemma - envirosax is the one they sell at fully booked. i want to get the camo design soon hehe!

  7. Your too sweet :) XOXO

  8. That's a great idea! Love how cute the bag is too :)

  9. It's a very good way of reusing bags esp. plastic bags; you get to use it again for other good purposes and keep the environment clean.

    It's innovative and brilliant ideas at its finest.

  10. I always feel bad when I end up using plastic bags. I use Envirosax, I have so many I can't count! :)

  11. Printed Bags
    It always shocks me how much products each bag can bring - a lot more than one would think. I even use them when I store for goods.


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