August 16, 2011

Ziaja Phytoaktiv Day & Night Cream

This week, I thought I'd focus on skincare for sensitive skin that needs serious hydration.  I know that it's a challenge because at times, some products that moisturize may be too harsh and can cause delicate skin to flare up or break out.

No matter how many products I try, there are two brands that I always come back to.  Ziaja, a polish skincare brand, is one of them.  I read a magazine article back in 2004 which featured moisturizers and took note of this brand because of the good review.  As soon as I had the chance to hit the mall, I picked up a jar each of the their Phytoaktiv Day Cream and Night Cream. 

Phytoaktiv is made for sensitive skin and is said to provide intense moisture, smoothen and slightly brighten the skin.  It also claims to protect the skin from harsh environmental elements and strengthen capillary walls to visibly reduce broken capillaries and overall redness.

The cream itself is medium-weight and has a light powdery scent.  Most advise to use a pea-sized amount for the entire face and neck area.  With both the day and night cream, I found that amount too much.  What I normally do is take a small amount (half a pea, if that makes sense) and rub it between my hands to make it thinner, almost watery.  Then I would lightly pat the cream on my face and neck.  I'd just add a little bit more as needed.  It feels cool and instantly moisturizing on contact.  Again, I need to stress that you should not use too much otherwise your skin will look oily... although it will not feel oily.

Because you only need to use very little at a time, a jar lasts forever.  In fact, every jar I've owned hit their expiration date before I could even use up everything in it.  To ensure that the product never gets contaminated, use a small spatula (or even the plastic thing used to stir coffee) to scoop the product out.

I was skeptical about their claim of reducing broken capillaries but desperate that the same time.  In my case, the broken capillaries on my cheeks are huge and quite obvious that no amount of concealer will totally hide it.  After applying this religiously, I noticed that some (not all) small broken capillaries disappeared and the redness on my cheeks lessened.  It's not a magic potion that makes all the veins disappear.  Sometimes, only you will notice the improvement because it's so subtle.  I'm not complaining - in fact, I am quite happy for even just a small amount of improvement as I used to think it was a hopeless case.

I'm going to go a little off-topic here: if you really want your broken capillaries to improve, it's going to take more than just a face cream to do it.  It helps but if you continue to smoke, don't drink enough water and do other damaging things to your skin, then there's no use in applying a cream like this.  Now to get off my soapbox. :)

Two last things to note: my skin never brakes out when I use this and this is one of the most affordable skincare products I've tried.

If you want to know which eye cream works well for those who have ultra-sensitive skin in their eye area, check out my review of  Ziaja's Phytoaktiv Eye Cream.  It's very moisturizing and gentle.  Yes, I'm a fan!


  1. was about to ask where'd you get this, however, I saw na fr your Phytoaktiv eye cream review hehehe. great review for a nicely-priced product. might try this brand soon :)

  2. This sounds really good.. I'll have to look into it.

    Thanks for the review.

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