September 7, 2011

The Body Shop Jade Baked Eye Colour

This Baked Color Eyeshadow was released last year as part of a collection (I can't recall which one) from The Body Shop but it is still available in stores and online.  I got mine when I saw it on sale this summer.

Jade is an iridescent duo of black and some bluish-green color.  It's mesmerizing and I hoped it would look just as beautiful on the eye.

it fell off the pan and I got a good picture out of it.

I was disappointed because the color payoff was weak.  If you swatch it using your fingers, you will get some color but when it's time to pick up and apply the color with a brush... well, it's a different story.  A great primer saves the day.  See below for comparison with and without primer:

above, with UDPP; below, without primer

The silver shimmer is overwhelming making the bluish-green color look more bluish-grey.  I had to pack the color in several times just to make it appear.  I don't want to waste anything I purchase so I won't chuck this out.  I'm going to use this as a base or transition color instead - it's just too much work for a main color.
I do want to try the other baked colors they have, I'm just afraid that the pigmentation will be as weak as this.  I hope I'm wrong but I certainly won't pay full-price for this.  I'll wait til I find it on sale again.


  1. TBS cosmetics are super heavy on the shimmer, regardless of season. Hope they come up with some nice matte shades!

  2. oo nga noh, hilig nila sa shimmer... good observation! i do have 2 almost matte shades but haven't used them. siguro now is a good time to review!

  3. such a disapointment :( when it comes to eye make up, i really think stila's the best for its price :)

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  4. @fashioneggplant @fashioneggplant i have yet to try stila but i'll definitely add it to my list now that you've mentioned it :) thanks!


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