September 26, 2011

Cezanne Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner N

I was looking for a pen-type liquid eyeliner since I never had one and wanted to see the difference between that and the ones that come in well-type packaging. So I entered Bonjour not really knowing what brand I wanted. The store was crammed with people and since I hate crowds, I picked up two eyeliners in a hurry.

One of the eyeliners I bought was the Ultra Fine Eyeliner N from Cezanne, a Japanese brand I've never heard of. What I wanted to know was if it was easier to maneuver liquid eyeliner using a brush-tip applicator or a felt-tip applicator. This one has the former and I had my apprehensions. My first impression was that because the brush was so soft, it would be difficult to control.  I also thought that after a few weeks of use, the hair on the brush would get hard or go all over the place.

Wrong! After four months of use, the brush is still as good as new. The eyeliner formula is so light and watery that it does not dry up the brush. And I am super thrilled that it's easy to use. For me, it's easier to use this than a felt-tip applicator.

The product itself is lightly pigmented but is easily buildable. It dries up in less than 10 seconds and lasts the entire day even with oily lids. Another great thing is that it does not irritate my eyelids, no stinging feeling and is safe to wear with contact lenses. But some of it could rub off if you wipe your eyes after crying.

top: one stroke; bottom: three strokes

Of all my eyeliners, this is the easiest to create a winged eye look so I am love, love, loving it!  Next time I drop by Bonjour, I'm going to keep an eye out for this. I need a backup and will definitely get one in black too.


  1. i can't remember exactly but i'm certain it was les than $40HKD (less than 250Php). good buy!

  2. Great review! I'm your newest follower on GFC. LOVE your site :)

  3. Thank you, Tiffany! You're too sweet :)


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