September 2, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick No 445 Créateur

I was going through a light-colored lipstick phase when, on an impulse, I got this tube of Dior Addict Lipstick.  It didn't help that they were giving away kiss-mark stickers with every purchase.  Ah, what a sucker.

To be honest, I ignored this for some time.  I only realized recently that I reached out for this practically everyday in the last month.  To the point that it moved out of my "occasional use" traincase and into my "everyday use" kit.  Turns out, this was my favorite product for August.

Créateur is a soft rosy hued lipstick that looks dark on the tube but it's actually sheer when applied.  It has a soft shine that makes my lips look plump.

I love this color because it matches any look.  It goes well with a no-makeup look but at the same time looks good with smokey eyes.  Very versatile.  Now you know why this is my current go-to color ;)

The texture is light and creamy - my lips feel so moisturized whenever I'd use this.  Wear time is average, about 3 hours.  That's not bad for a shiny lipstick.

It's so worth it that I think I may just pick up a few more shades... perhaps a pinkish one and a darker colored one too.  Sigh. :)


  1. i love the color sis! i have one dior lippie which was given by a friend. i must say the tube case is kinda cute noh? :)

  2. @beautylilsecrets yup, the tube is really cute but bulky! lol. the colors of dior addict are really nice :)

  3. I only have one DiorAddict Lipstick, this might have to be my next one!!!

  4. Wow, this is way sheer, but so pretty! I don't blame you for being a sucker. It's so freaking pretty!

  5. @jbrobeck go for it! :D

    @Jenn the other colors are to die for as well! my poor wallet LOL


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