September 20, 2011

L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara

Of all beauty products, I think mascara is my worst enemy.  Most of the ones I've tried make me look like a panda - no thanks to my watery eyes.  I've been using L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara close to a month now and every time I wear this... absolutely... no... panda... eyes!  The staying power is just amazing.

I like how this mascara coats each individual lash and lengthens it.  It has a wet formula which makes it easy to distribute and results to less clumping.  The brush is slim and long which makes it easy for me to apply the product in the inner corner and on my lower lashes.  I normally don't put anything on my lower lashes because it looks too fake or it'll smudge but with Telescopic Clean Definition, I am confident that won't happen.  If you have short lashes, this is definitely worth checking out.

As a person whose eyes are sensitive and as a contact lens wearer, I look for stuff that won't irritate my eyes or eventually travel into it. The first few hours of wear, this seems fine but if you have it on for an extended period of time (beyond 10 hours) it tends to flake and some might fall into your eye. Then it'll get all red and itchy :(

I don't really care about volume but what I need is something that holds curl.  This is where Telescopic Clean Definition falls short.  After curling my lashes and applying on the mascara, tendency is my lashes look straight.

Last thing to note:  I read that all it takes is soap (or foaming cleanser) and water to remove this.  True.  If you do it this way, it's very easy to remove.  But I don't like the rubbing and tugging involved using this method, even if you try to do it lightly.  I prefer using a makeup remover or cleansing cream - and this mascara can be pretty stubborn if you try removing it using these products.

People have different needs.  For some, this mascara might just be the one.  In my case, I'm going to experiment by using a different product underneath that will hold curl better.  Or I'm going to use it on just my lower lashes - I really love it for this purpose!  Still on the fence with this one, that's for sure.


  1. I've always wanted to try this. I keep on forgetting to look for it whenever I'm out. Is this available locally?Have you tried Majolica Majorca mascara? The comb wand throws me off but it does a great job at lengthening my lashes.

  2. @undomesticdiva Hi Chie! Yup, I got this at Watson's :) I checked out the one from Majolica Majorca but I found the brush weird looking. I do want to try it but I'll just purchase when I'm done using up my unused mascara. Nagpapakahinay muna ako sa gastos haha!

  3. I will definitely check this out! Thanks for the review!


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