September 21, 2011

Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette No 5

Make Up For Ever's 5 Camouflage Cream Palette No 5 is a color corrector palette that addresses a variety of concerns.  If you want one that's specific to your skin color, check out their website because they have that available.

This is medium-weight, creamy and easy to blend.  Coverage is meduim to heavy and there are times it looks fake.  A brush deposits too much product so the best way for me is to lightly stipple using a finger.

Pay close attention to how your skin responds to the product - prepping your skin the right way is key.  In the areas where I have dry skin, this tends to look cakey and in the oily parts, this travels a bit.  Whenever I use the Orange plus  Skin-Toned (Light) color to cover my undereye area, it works in reducing the darkness but it settles on my lines.  I feel let down and obviously, no longer use it for that purpose.  It does a good job covering post-acne scars, though.

No 13, No 16, No 17, No 18, No 20

The first two Skin-Toned colors (Nos 13 & 16) can be mixed to create a concealer that will suit your skin.  The other three are used underneath concealer to balance color and even out one's skintone.  The green one (No 17) is used to reduce redness - great for people with rosacea.  You can also take a fine brush and paint over broken capillaries.  Lavender (No 18) is a highlighter and can be used anywhere your skin needs brightening.  Orange (it really is orange in this palette and not salmon) is used to conceal extremely dark undereye circles.  I also used this to make a bruise on my leg less obvious.

For us everyday folk, this is a "nice-to-have" palette versus a "must-have."  Makeup Artists would benefit more because of diverse clientele they have.  Each has 2g of product in it so you will get some milage out of this. 

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  1. oh i got tips from the makeup artist from MUFE to mix the orange cream with your liquid foundation for undereye..not only it gives a natural finish but also easy to blend... I used it that way and im loving it..heheh probably u can try...any way stumbled upon your blog while googling...feel free to visit me back at


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