September 9, 2011

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

Acne - the bane of my existence.  When I was in the 7th grade, it went away after treating it with Ten-O-Six and OXY for a few weeks.  Worked every time.  It didn't bother me then as much as it does today because now it's the cystic kind which really, REALLY hurts.  Plus they leave big, ugly scars.  It baffles me how this could happen at 30+.  Then my mom told me something similar happened to her when she was my age.

I knew I couldn't experiment on what to put on my face and back because it might get worse and I couldn't risk that.  So I consulted with a dermatologist.  She prescribed some antibiotics combined with other stuff.

One product I wanted to try was Mario Baduescu's Buffering Lotion since I heard that it does wonders for cystic acne.  I let her check the ingredients and she told me it was okay to use as long as I followed the instructions (use every other day) because it can be extremely drying.

So far, so good.  This product works wonders and helped improve my adult acne dramatically.  I was worried it might irritate my skin but since it's just a spot treatment, nothing happened.  I did not experience skin flaking either.

Before you go buy this, make sure your dermatologist says its okay.  For those with milder acne, you may want to check out their Drying Lotion.


  1. Have you tried taking zinc supplements?

  2. Hi Jenn! The only zinc I have is included with the multivitamins I take daily. Is that normally enough or would I need more to get rid of acne? I'm ready & willing to try! :)


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